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Man charged with a homicide in Mississippi after fatal shooting

A man has recently been arrested after a fatal shooting incident occurred in Natchez. Mississippi police suspect that the 34-year-old shot and fatally wounded the victim on Jan. 2, and then the police believe he fled the scene. The man has been charged with a homicide for his alleged involvement in the tragic incident.

Supposedly, the suspect and victim were arguing over a cigarette in a residence on Beaumont St. at around 10 a.m., but the victim allegedly left the residence and went outside. The investigating officers then hypothesize that the suspect followed the victim outside and shot him in the back. The incident was said to have been witnessed, though it is unknown if the police have any other evidence against the man.

The suspect allegedly fled the scene of the crime. However, the Natchez Police Department was apparently able to trace the man's cell phone to Baton Rouge. By working with the Baton Rouge Police Department's BRAVE Unit, the man was located and placed under arrest in Louisiana. He is scheduled to be extradited back to Natchez soon.

The man has been charged with a homicide in Mississippi. However, in order to obtain a conviction, the prosecution may need more evidence proving the man's involvement other than the potential witness testimony. Regardless, the man must necessarily prepare a focused criminal defense to challenge witness testimony as well as any other evidence prosecutors intend to prove the charges in court. No conviction can be obtained without the government first meeting the elevated measure of proof required by our criminal justice system.

Source:, Beaumont Street fatal shooting suspect arrested in Baton Rouge, Lindsey Shelton, Jan. 10, 2014

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